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New Contract Award - City Wharf, Glasgow

Updated: Jun 4

Phase 1 of a development that has planning for three phases in total. This will

be a full delivery commencing from pile attendance. Pile attendance will

include 2 full crew of 13T excavators and 6T dumpers. Our package will cover

all much away on the project and we must manage this with great focus as

there is a possibility there is hazardous material within the ground. as such

remediation and segregation is key to control the quantity. groundworks will

cover membrane and insulation to the ground floor slabs. We will then deliver

a eight storey frame with circa 15,000m2

of soffit. The cores will be a

combination of slipform for the two complex cores and then traditional floor

to floor for the simple stair core. in general a traditional build throughout with

one movement joint. The whole project will be delivered to a 44 week contract

period with prelims covering 40 weeks in total. All craneage will be provided by

Dandara Living Ltd, and we will provide supplementary crane team. In total we

will be completing circa 6,500m3 of concrete pours, installing 980T of

Reinforcement and moving over 3,500m3 of muck off the project.


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