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New Contract Award - Liberton High School, Edinburgh

New Educational Facility at Liberton High School, Edinburgh. The scope of our works will be delivery of the full RC Frame including the ground floor slab. We will be using a mixture of traditional and slip form cores to deliver the scheme. In total there are 5 cores with 3 being chosen to be delivered in slipform due to their complex geometric nature. A range of columns will be delivered using our steel box moulds, with a couple of special columns being delivered using alternative methods. There will be two tower cranes on the scheme helping to keep the scheme moving towards our Contract Programme. the superstructure is mainly traditional with a sloping roof. there are then isolated areas of hollowcore slabs (By others) and pre cast stairs (install only by SCNL). Traditional RC Slabs at 275mm thick with a total soffit area of circa 11,500m2 will have us delivering a total reinforcement quantity in the region of 800T and Pouring circa 5,800m3 of concrete. 


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