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New Contract Award - Redcliff Quarter, Bristol

This site is located within the central Redcliff district of Bristol and forms part of the second and final phase of Redcliff Quarter. Stephenson will be completing the groundworks and 5 blocks of reinforced concrete superstructure works, ranging in height from 8 to 19 storeys.

The scheme is comprised of 374 private rental (PRS) homes as well as 94 affordable homes and 6 commercial units. In addition to the homes, the scheme includes a total of 5,900ft² of internal residents’ amenity space; 21,200ft² of external amenity space; 8,500ft² of commercial space and 31 car parking spaces. A further six commercial units totalling 15,800ft² have also been acquired as part of the transaction.

Working alongside Winvic Construction Ltd, estimated time is site is 78 weeks meaning we will complete the project by July 2024.


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