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World Suicide Prevention Day

In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, we want to share our recent efforts at Stephenson in the fight against suicide and for mental health awareness.

1. Tool Box Talks: In the past week, we've sent out a critical tool box talks to all our sites to raise awareness about mental health. Starting conversations about mental health is crucial to preventing suicide.

2. Mental Health First Aid Training: We've initiated the process of training more mental health first aiders within our organization. We are happy to say that we have had 6 additional volunteers for this role. These individuals will be the first to offer support and guidance to those facing mental health challenges.

3. We have continued our partnership with the Lighthouse charity, they have a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline 0345 605 1956

4. We have chosen to support 'Lads&Dads' Charity: Our Managing Director participated in the '12 Dips Challenge' earlier this year organized by the local charity 'Lads&Dads,' near our Wales Office. This inspiring charity, founded three years ago, aims to break the stigma surrounding men's mental health and provide a safe and judgment-free space for discussions.

Alan Drury, a founding member of 'Lads&Dads,' shared, "Our mission is to break the stigma around talking about men's mental health and well-being. We've created a safe and confidential place where men can openly discuss their mental health struggles without judgment."

Alan added, "In addition to peer support and various activities, including cold water dips, walks, talks, allotment projects, and a football team, we're committed to reducing the tragic number of male suicides—currently standing at 12 men every day who make that difficult decision."

The support from Stephenson Group will enable 'Lads&Dads' to continue providing vital assistance when it's needed the most.

This World Suicide Prevention Day let's unite in our commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Together, we can break the silence and save lives.

There are numerous organizations who are working tirelessly to make a positive impact on mental health and well-being. Today, we want to spotlight some of these incredible mental health charities that are changing lives:

2. Rethink Mental Illness

4. CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably

5. YoungMinds

6. Samaritans


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