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Our team is excited to embark on a thrilling challenge from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023, where we will be conquering 10 magnificent mountains, reaching a total elevation gain of 7763m. Our journey will take us through some of the most iconic peaks in the UK, including Ben Nevis, Ben Macdui, Scafell Pike, and Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon).


The adventure will begin with Ben Nevis, towering at an impressive 1,345 meters (4,411 feet), making it the highest mountain in the British Isles. Followed by Ben Macdui, the second-highest mountain in Scotland, standing tall at 1,309 meters (4,295 feet). Our journey will then take us to England, where we will tackle the highest mountain, Scafell Pike, standing at 978 meters (3,209 feet) in the picturesque Lake District National Park. Finally, we will end the challenge in Wales, taking on the mighty Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales at 1,085 meters (3,560 feet), and Pen Y Fan, a smaller peak at 886m (2,900 feet), which will undoubtedly test our limits after what we've accomplished so far.


Our team is fully prepared to face the rugged terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. This challenge will test our physical and mental strength, pushing us to the limits.


We are taking on this challenge to raise funds and awareness for MND, a devastating disease that affects thousands of people around the world. MND is a progressive neurological condition that attacks the nerve cells responsible for controlling movement, speech, and breathing. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for MND, and the average life expectancy after diagnosis is just two to five years.


Your support can make a real difference in the fight against MND. Your donation will help fund critical research into the causes of MND and the development of effective treatments, as well as supporting people living with MND and their families.


We are humbly asking for your support in this endeavour, and any contribution, big or small, will make a real impact in the fight against MND.

Our 10 Peaks Challenge

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